VST coreB – The New Behemoth in Indian Trailer Industry

VST coreB – The New Behemoth in Indian Trailer Industry

VST coreB Trailers, was founded in 2018 by Sitaram Yadav, Chairman of the VST United Group, Vikas Yadav, CEO & MD and Vijay Yadav, COO & MD, under the name of VST Moter India Company. The manufacturing of several articulated and rigid category trailers, tipping trailers, cement bulkers, containers, tankers, etc. is our main business that began in 2019.

Our headquarters in Kotputli, Rajasthan, has a monthly production capacity of 400 trailers. Currently we are producing 310 -380 units per month and delivering across India. We have a production area of more than 4 lac square feet, 720 on-site engineers, and 905 people overall in India. More than 4150 satisfied customers use VST coreB’s B2B and B2C products and services in the Indian market.

By 2023, we expect to sell and produce across the entire country of India; thanks to additional production facilities in four new states.

Currently, we are manufacturing Trailers, Tipping Trailers, Cement Bulkers, Container Trailers, Containers, Tankers, etc. All trailers are widely used for the manifold purpose. Our trailers are expertly engineered to reduce fuel consumption and tyre wear.

VST coreB – The New Behemoth in Indian Trailer Industry

According to the function and operation of the transporter, we have a wide variety of designs for the trailers. A wide variety of products are available in the trailer category, including side wall trailers, flatbed trailers, skeleton trailers, tipping trailers, and many more.

Our more than 8,200 trailers are currently operating on Indian roadways in numerous businesses, mines, and sea ports around the country. To enhance product quality, our devoted R&D team conducts the greatest research possible on product development. We are the first trailer maker in India to use Hardox, Corten steel, and other types of material to extend the life and lighten the trailers.

We analyse the operative area of the customer and the duty cycle. Accordingly, we suggest the material to ensure long life of our trailers. With customisation and use of right material, our trailers can have a long life of 8-10 years.

VST coreB – The New Behemoth in Indian Trailer Industry

As we know product cost is also a crucial thing, so we started fabricating tipping trailers in Corten steels for coal mines industries to protect from rusting and increase product life without increasing too much product cost.

Trailer and driver’s safety is a big issue and we are bringing various technologies to solve these issues like a tire pressure monitor system, rear-view camera, and align meter where tip trailer cannot be unloaded unless it is placed on a plane surface.