VST coreB Propels the Growth of the Indian Trailer Industry Forward with Its Focus on Innovation and Safety

In the last two decades, the trailer industry in India has taken several giant strides and has emerged as an industry that is contributing greatly towards the growth of the Indian economy. The awareness around trailers has also played an important role in several businesses engaging with this industry. As compared to heavy trucks, trailers offer a minimal cost of transportation per tonne per kilometre. Another factor that has propelled the growth of the trailer industry forward is the expansion of the road network in the country.

Today, there are many companies that are a part of the trailer industry in India. The one company, however, that has left an indelible impact in this sector with its innovative practices and the visionary mind of its founding members is VST coreB.

The foundation for VST coreB was laid in the year 2019 by Mr. Sitaram Yadav, who serves as the Chairman of the VST United Group. Currently, Vikas Yadav serves as the MD & CEO of VST coreB. The responsibilities of the company as a MD & COO are shouldered upon by Vijay Yadav.

Talking about what separates VST coreB from other companies in the industry, Vikas Yadav, CEO & MD, says, “We specialize in making technology-driven products that cater to the needs or demands of our clients. We have always believed that one must keep a close watch on the ever-changing technological landscape and adapt accordingly.

The products offered by us boast of high-end efficiency. Our trailers are characterized by minimal fuel combustion, advanced breaking mechanism and produce limited carbon emissions. We make it a point to use high-quality components while putting together our trailers.”

VST coreB has its headquarters in Kotputli, a small city in Rajasthan that serves as the base for some of the biggest infrastructural projects in the country. Among other things, VST coreB is known to be a company that prioritizes safety procedures over other everything.

When a business organization invests in the trailers manufactured by VST coreB, they know they can be sure about the safety of their goods. VST coreB trailers being best trailer manufacturer in India, equipped to cater National Logistics Policy for maximising growth.

“Safety has always been our biggest priority. For implementing safety-based procedures, too, we resort to technology. We have discovered and implemented several unique safety techniques which have been replicated by other companies based in this industry. We have also put together presentations and organized seminars to create awareness of how well-designed safety procedures can be used to avoid accidents.

We have conducted extensive research on driving behaviour or pattern of driving professionals and corrected them as and when necessary. We have also installed advanced tools like object detection sensors in our trailers in a bid to add another layer of safety to them”, says Vikas.

The initiatives taken up by top trailer manufacturer VST coreB always become a subject of discussion in the trailer industry. Apart from having a highly professional approach to doing this, the company is known for leading the industry with its innovative methods and techniques. When a business organization collaborates with VST coreB, they get assured of timely deliveries or supplies.

The company also specializes in making customized products that are offered at very economical prices. VST coreB trailers is working towards catering national logistics policies to help consumers to speed up their efficiency, accelerate their production and operation processes and breakdown their cost and time effectively.